Invest SLO’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Arroyo Grande

Invest SLO’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Arroyo Grande

Are you considering selling your home in Arroyo Grande? Are you wondering what you should do first? If so, then check out this guide! Read on for the top seven home-selling tips you need to know if you are considering selling a home in Arroyo Grande.

1. Get a pre-inspection

No matter how long you’ve lived in your Arroyo Grande home, you might feel that you know everything there is to know. After all, you’ve lived there every day and know firsthand whether the major kitchen appliances are working or which window offers the best sunset view. However, in every home, there are certain things that you might overlook with your naked eye. For example, certain drainage or foundation issues might not be noticeable until several months later – when it might be too late.

The best way to get a comprehensive overview of the current condition of your home is by getting your home pre-inspected. Consult your real estate agent, who can refer you to a qualified home inspector with experience inspecting luxury homes like yours. Your home inspector will examine every nook and cranny of your home and then produce a full home inspection report with pictures. The home inspector will note anything that appears to be a potential problem, and then you can investigate further to determine whether or not you will need to repair, renovate, or simply leave it alone. Remember that you might need to disclose the findings in the pre-inspection report to any prospective home buyer.

2. Set a fair and competitive price

Perhaps one of the hardest things home sellers have to do is to set a price. Sellers want to price their homes high to get maximum value without turning away prospective home buyers before they even get a chance to look at the home. Fortunately, there is a special formula that your real estate agent will use to find a fair, comparable, and competitive price.

Your Arroyo Grande real estate agent will work with an appraiser who will create an appraisal report using parameters such as age, size, condition, architectural style, and amenities in the home. Using these characteristics, your real estate agent will compile a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), comparing your luxury home with other similar homes in Arroyo Grande. For instance, with the median home price in Arroyo Grande at $794,500, you can expect to list your home at around that price point. By comparing your home’s features and attributes against similar homes, your real estate agent can help you determine the right price at the fair market value. However, there are a few things you can do to sell for more!

3.Prep your home for staging

One of the best ways that you can sell your home for more is by staging. You could potentially sell for more than 25% of the listed price if you stage your home properly. Consider the following tips when staging your luxury home in Arroyo Grande.

Declutter and depersonalize

The key to staging your home is to create a spacious oasis that will allow home buyers to be able to visualize their future lives in your home. The way to do that is by decluttering. Donate, sell, or even throw away anything that you no longer use. If it is too personal or valuable, then consider storing it away for your next home. Keep a few pieces of high-quality furniture and add a few neutral artifacts to elevate the appeal of your home for sale.

Clean your home

Home buyers don’t want to step into a home that looks unsightly. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company, who will come by and thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. You can then perform regular spot cleanings to maintain the cleanliness of your home until it is sold.

Decide on a color palette

Color can influence home buyers to act or feel a certain way. If the current color scheme of your home looks dreary and unappealing, then consider changing the color palette. In general, neutral and earthy colors do well. Consult your Arroyo Grande real estate agent who can advise you on the right colors for your home for sale.

Don’t forget curb appeal

The first thing that home buyers see is the facade of your home. You need to make sure that the front of your home looks pristine, tidy, and clean. Consider mowing your lawn, power washing the driveway, and trimming the hedges. You could also add potted plants, rocks, and even manufactured stone veneer to accentuate the overall appeal of your luxury home.

4. Hire a professional photographer

Once your home is cleaned and painted, it is time to take pictures! Consider hiring a professional photographer who has experience taking pictures of luxury homes. Your professional photographer will take photos of your home from captivating and unique angles so that your home will stand out in every shot. For example, this single-family Arroyo Grande home uses stunning photography to emphasize the bright and spacious house while using the gorgeous surrounding landscape as the ideal backdrop. Furthermore, considering that a listing with many high-quality, professional photographs can sell homes 32% faster, you need to work with a professional photographer to capture your luxury home in Arroyo Grande.

5. Work with a premier real estate team

Selling a home is complicated and stressful, especially if you are trying to do it alone. That is why you need to work with a premier real estate team that has the knowledge, expertise, and acumen to navigate the competitive real estate market in Arroyo Grande. An experienced real estate team will leverage effective marketing strategies and an extensive network of connections to stage, brand, and market your home to reach the perfect home buyer.

Interested in selling your home in Arroyo Grande? Then, schedule a consultation with the extraordinary team of real estate agents at Invest SLO who can provide expert guidance on everything from selecting the right contractors and movers to implementing effective marketing strategies. As the top 1% of realtors on the Central Coast, Invest SLO can sell your home quickly and for top dollar!



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