Foxenwood Dr, Santa Maria


$61,000 Over Fair Market Value |  Just a week on the market | No Contingencies | Multiple Offers Received


Hannah understood the house's unique appeal and unrealized potential when she took over as the listing agent for this property. She carefully developed a targeted marketing plan that highlighted the property's exceptional qualities and prime location. It was all geared up for a memorable sale.


With much anticipation, Hannah put the ad online, sparking immediate interest from potential purchasers. The mansion gained notoriety right away, winning over many people's hearts and sparking an exciting bidding battle within a week. Amazingly, the sale went through without any obstacles, which is a credit to Hannah's diligent planning and market knowledge. All parties were astounded by her professionalism as a result of her unwavering attention to detail, which made the process run smoothly. The accomplishment of the transaction served as a source of inspiration for the Santa Maria real estate industry, demonstrating Hannah's commitment and capacity to produce excellent outcomes in cutthroat marketplaces.

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