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$156,000 Over Asking Price | Leave Behind unwanted Items | Sold in 3 Days


Invest SLO’s team of experts was able to assist both the buyer and seller at the same time and exceed our clients expectations. Not only were we able to secure an offer of 156K over asking in only 3 days, but these clients were able to leave all of their unwanted items behind allowing them to save time while moving out of two houses. 


Invest SLO was able to get them an offer that was $156,000 over asking in three days! That’s not all, our clients didn’t have to stress about moving all of their unwanted furniture and household items because we were able to negotiate that they could leave the home completely furnished for the new buyers. Not having to pay for a junk removal service, take trips to the thrift store, or hire movers saved Denis and Barbara a lot of stress. Eliminating unnecessary stress was crucial because on top of their two escrows we helped them find another home that fit all of their needs which meant… three escrows at the same time!

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