Valecito Ct, San Luis Obispo


$150,000 Over Fair Market Value / As-Is Sale / Free 30-Day Lease Back


Our sellers decided after retiring that they wanted to downsize to be closer to their family in Southern California. It was very important to them to sell their home for the best possible price because although they were “downsizing” to a home in San Diego, they sure weren’t downgrading.


Initially, the sellers were wanting to push this move back another six months because of the thought of getting rid of 30 years of memories that accumulated over the years sounded like an overwhelming burden. Invest SLO helped stage the property with their own belongings to make the property more “show ready.” After that step, we organized thrift pick-ups, a moving company, and even helped the seller get his antique car to San Diego. Our help really made our sellers feel like it was possible to make their move to their new San Diego dream home. Most importantly the help of our dream offer which was $150,000 over list price, an as-is sale, and a free seller lease back for 30 days made the move convenient and smooth. Like many of our clients, our sellers weren’t just juggling one real estate transaction. For this reason, we knew it would be beneficial for our clients to get a free 30 day lease back. Chelsea negotiated this as a part of the contract so the sellers had more time to look for their perfect home in San Diego. Now our clients are living their best life on a golf course in San Diego!

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