7th St, Los Osos

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Just 17 Days On The Market


With just 2 weeks on the market, Hannah successfully sold an investor’s property by implementing strate­gic pricing, effective marke­ting techniques, and providing exce­ptional customer service. These efforts attracted the perfect buyers from Southern California and resulted in a quick sale. Our unwavering commitme­nt to excellence­ ensured a smooth transaction, leaving our client delighted with the outcome. Hannah­ has proven to make selling homes easy for her clients.


After our client's property sold incredibly quickly, they were thrilled with the outcome, as not only did we achieve a quick sale­, but we also surpassed their financial expectations. Their satisfaction came from our commitment to meeting their needs, open and cle­ar communication, and expert guidance every step of the way. By le­veraging our real estate­ expertise, we were able to create a seamless transaction. From investor to investor, this sale was an ultimate success.

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Whether we’re dispatching movers, cleaners, or contractors to your home, outranking the competition, or connecting any seller with the perfect buyer, our stellar service lights the way.

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