K St, San Miguel


$61,000 Over Fair Market Value |  Just less than 2 weeks on the market | Multiple Offers Received


This home was more than just a roof over her children's and grandchildren’s heads. This home held large sentimental value to our seller due to the history of her family residing there over the years. The utmost importance to the seller was that the home was bought by another young family, ready to purchase their first home. As promised, this is the exact offer Hannah secured for her seller.


Hannah analyzed all the offers received on the home after just 2 weeks of being on the market, and was happy to present a new family offering $61,000 over fair market value to her seller. As expected, the seller was thrilled to receive a high offer, but also coming from a family that reminded her of her own. The relationship between Hannah and her seller didn’t stop there. Hannah gave her client a very sentimental custom gift for her client, which would have her remember the home forever. After going the extra mile, the sellers couldn’t have been more grateful.

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