Melody Dr, Paso Robles


Sold for $56,000 Over Fair Market Value |  Less Than 2 Weeks on The Market | Multiple Offers Received | Represented Buyer and Seller | Cash Offer | As-Is Sale


Our seller decided he needed to get out of California, and a quick cash as-is sale was the only thing motivating him to do so. Right from the start, Invest SLO analyzed their investor network, and brought attraction fast. Within just two weeks, the deal was closed with multiple offers on hand. Both buyer and seller were represented by Invest SLO, thanks to our oversized active investor network.

525 Melody Drive was a great opportunity for everyone involved. The seller was able to hit the road right after closing, while the investors went to work on the property. The seller left California with an offer beyond expectations at $56,000 over fair market value, and he couldn’t be more thrilled. Both parties were presented with a great deal, and it was closed with a smooth and easy transaction process.


When the buyer's offer was accepted, it proved that InvestSLO could successfully represent both the buyer and the seller, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone concerned. The sale went through without a hitch, and the new owner is now relishing the magnificent home at 525 Melody Dr. This success story confirmed Abel and Hannah's dedication to their clients' delight in addition to showcasing their remarkable abilities as real estate experts.

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