Mesa Vista Ct, Paso Robles


$66,000 Over Fair Market Value | As-Is Sale | No Contingencies | Cash Offer | 14-Day Free Rentback


Our seller dreamed of living on the beachfront in San Diego, but for that to be possible, he needed to sell his home above fair market value. Having this property meant his funds were tied up in an asset that he couldn’t use to purchase his dream home, so the sale needed to be done quickly.


Hannah did everything her seller needed and more. Knowing the utmost importance to the seller was the amount of money the property sold for, Hannah secured a cash offer $66,000 over fair market value. At the same time, she recognized the seller needed time to find his new home, and wouldn’t have time to make repairs. So, Hannah was able to make this an as-is sale with a 14-day rent back for the seller to find his dream home in San Diego. After everything was closed up, Hannah’s service wasn’t completed. She went above and beyond for her client and assisted him in finding his dream home in San Diego, which he bought just a couple of weeks after the sale of his previous home.

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